Double Hung Windows

Hiring the Right Replacement Window Contractor

Replacing your windows can be a rewarding endeavor.  They can save you energy, make your home more quiet and comfortable…and more valuable.  However, the PROCESS can be quite stressful. Let’s face it, who knows anything about replacement windows, before they have a contractor come out and give them a presentation?  Answer: Virtually no one. And […]

How do Our Replacement Windows Compare to Andersen Windows?

If you’ve ever wondered how Window Depot USA windows compare to Andersen Windows, Wonder No More! The Andersen Windows brand has been around since the 1800’s and therefore is a common household name. Unfortunately, familiarity and quality do not always go hand in hand. Just because a window frame may feature the Andersen stamp, does […]

Compare Our Replacement Windows to Home Depot

People ask us all the time… How do your windows compare to Home Depot?  And while there are some similarities, it’s the differences that may really shock you. Similarities: When people think of Home Depot, they think buying power, and rightly so. Home Depot has enormous reach, certainly…but did you know that Window Depot USA is […]

We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of These 5 Windows With double hung windows, bay and bow windows, casement and triple pane windows dominating the market, most consumers are only aware of mainstream windows for the home. It’s a big world out there when it comes to windows and architecture. Today, we are featuring some of the more uncommon windows, both with unique shapes […]

Old Windows: Repair or Replace?

Replacement windows are an investment; but just like anything else, things can go wrong or break. All hope isn’t lost when your replacement windows go awry, as sometimes they can be repaired. However, there are times when replacement makes more sense than repair, and vice versa. If your window won’t stay open and it slams […]

Compare our Replacement Windows to Lowe’s

You may be wondering just how Window Depot USA windows compare to those available at Lowe’s. While some similarities do exist, it’s the differences that may really shock you. Similarities: At Lowe’s, everything is stocked to the ceiling and overflowing off the shelves. Keeping continuous stock at the consumer’s fingertips gives Lowe’s great buying power on […]

Window Depot USA No. 28 on Top 500 Qualified Remodeler

There are milestones reached during a company’s lifetime that remind us that hard work and dedication pays off. Window Depot USA has come leaps and bounds over the last several years, with exceptional growth occurring over the last two to three. We’ve discussed how one of the primary goals of Window Depot USA is transforming the replacement […]

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