People ask us all the time…

How do your windows compare to Home Depot? 

And while there are some similarities, it’s the differences that may really shock you.

Similarities: When people think of Home Depot, they think buying power, and rightly so. Home Depot has enormous reach, certainly…but did you know that Window Depot USA is one of the nation’s largest users of Triple Pane glass (which is our specialty) So while Home Depot may indeed have buying power…so does Window Depot USA…This is where our similarities end.  

Differences: First of all, Home Depot carries thousands of products, while Window Depot specializes in replacement windows with laser sharp focus on the process of windows, doors and vinyl siding installation.

We alluded to this when discussing the similarity of our buying power. Home Depot’s buying power spans many thousands of products. Window Depot USA has concentrated buying power, leveraging our size and specialty, triple pane.

Second, quality replacement windows are NOT typically made in standard sizes…but instead, each is built to specific, custom sizes to accommodate the home they’re being installed into. Home Depot attracts consumers with their special advertised pricing but only on limited stock sizes that they have on hand or access to in their warehouses. While special order & custom size windows take longer and are always more costly.At Window Depot all of our windows are custom made to the exact size and specification of your home.

Third, and arguably most important, we must discuss the vast difference in performance. Specifically the insulating performance of our windows, versus those offered by Home Depot.

The Window Depot USA Advantage beats Home Depot hands down!!! 

Window Depot USA is one of the nation’s largest home improvement networks, with the distinct advantage of delivering the most efficient, quality windows available, at prices our competition can only dream about.

most_efficient_bannerAll of our windows are triple pane and hold superior insulating performance.Our Gold package windows offer a U-factor of 0.20, qualifying them for the Energystar’s prestigious “Most Efficient” designation.

Simply put: the Lower the U-Factor, the more energy your home will save.  Learn more about Energystar’s Most Efficient Award here.

If you’re considering purchasing windows through Home Depot, we’d love to provide you with a product demonstration and cost estimate

At Window Depot, we think you’ll understand just how superior our windows really are…and that you’ll be happy you did. 

Window Depot offers you the most energy efficient and scientifically proven windows produced today and by offering you advanced triple pane technology at prices that most of our competitors charge for dual pane why would you want to shop anywhere else?

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