Replacement windows are an investment; but just like anything else, things can go wrong or break. All hope isn’t lost when your replacement windows go awry, as sometimes they can be repaired. However, there are times when replacement makes more sense than repair, and vice versa.

If your window won’t stay open and it slams shut time after time, it’s probably on the fence of repair and replacement. The likely reason behind the slamming sash is a failed balance mechanism. This can usually be fixed, but it might be difficult.

The problem with a failed balance mechanism is that if your window is older, it may have an expired warranty. Furthermore, the balance mechanisms in older wooden windows are almost impossible to replace.

Some other minor issues that justify replacement window repair are broken locks, ripped screens, fogged glass, and dried/cracking sealant.

Another word of advice is that, while replacement window repair isn’t unheard of, it can be difficult to find a company who is willing to do repairs. Sometimes it is more effective, or even cheaper, to just outright replace a failing window. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore the possibility of repair, though, especially for minor issues.

Call a local replacement window retailer like Clear Choice USA or Window Depot USA and have your window evaluated for free. If the cost of repair is 30% more than installing a new window, we will suggest a replacement.

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